MFR-201 ModuLAN® FaxReceiver Appliance

Product Overview

Network FaxReceiver Appliance receives fax and converts the document into a PDF e-mail attachment so a fax automatically ends up in your email inbox or your FTP server for archiving.

System Overview

The Network FaxReceiver Appliance is a self contained Appliance that connects directly to the Fax-Phone Line and the Ethernet Network.

The MFR 201 - FaxReceiver Appliance converts incoming faxes into PDF attached to emails sending them directly to an inbox on a pre-programmed mail server without using a PC.

  • Works in any IP Ethernet Network Environment
  • Connects directly to phone line and to the Ethernet Network
  • Receives Group III / CCITT-1 fax documents
  • Very low power consumption
    - does not require a PC
  • Converts faxed document to email with embedded PDF files
  • Converts fax to email and sends to your mailbox as it is received.
  • Supports standard and fine mode
  • Accepts up to 17inch paper length per page
  • Guaranteed email delivery
  • Makes you self sufficient at a one time cost
  • Simple to use and install with intuitive user interface
  • Remote management using Telnet
  • Low initial installation price
  • All hardware, power supply and cables included
  • Includes own network connection
Cost Savings
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Reduced device support costs
  • Reduced IT staff support overhead
    - Possible to standardise on single device manufacturer throughout organisation
    - Users not reliant on single device
  • Reduced running costs (consumables, toner)
  • Reduced administration costs as distribution can be via email
  • No monthly fees

Savings based on approximately 20 spam faxes a day @ 0.07 cents per page for 365 days a year,
    Reduces direct waste significantly and can produce an ROI of less than a year, based on approximately 20 spam faxes a day @ 0.07 cents per page for 365 days a year totals a direct saving of US$511 per device.

(Based on figures provided by the Chamber of Commerce in Georgetown, Texas)

Return On Investment

The MFR 201 - Fax Receiver Appliance has the highest ROI of any product in its market and typically pays for itself within the first year!

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